Jean Slobodow

Painting / Drawing


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Artist Statement

The unending struggle from creation, through all its phases, to an inevitable decline is a recurring theme in my drawing and painting. The complex and diverse forces in nature fascinate me. How many seeds are produced and scattered to secure the future of a single sunflower? Following that sublime life effort, the unrelenting agents of decay and disintegration work to break down once living organisms. This natural subtext is reflected in my chosen surface textures, mark making and colors.

In my photographic work I attempt to reveal the secret life of inanimate objects, sometimes revealing this with a bit of humor, more often with a sense of uneasiness. I also produce straightforward nature photography.

The longer a work draws people in and captures their attention the more valuable. I am not so concerned with my art being understood as I see it, I would rather it open new pathways of thinking.